Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Using Everything You’ve Got

I am not sure why exactly but I found I had some extra "rings" from decorative toggle sets.

Can’t for the life of me tell you what I did with the “bar” sides but nevertheless, there they were.

I wanted to try and find a use for them and this is what I did. I had made some thick, hand woven, leather bracelets and needed a closure option that would be suited to a man.

I used the rings I had left over and just tucked the little attached loop inside the folds of the leather strands. It kind of anchored the loop. Then I secured the ends with some crude, organic looking wire wrapping.

Now I don’t know how this would work with thin strands as the attached loop might show though but with this application it was hidden. I used an over sized lobster clasp on the other end which hooked on to the ring.

The textures on the rings worked with the leather and the substantial size balanced the thicker bracelet.

See what you have left over that might be able to be utilized in a new way.

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