Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Simple Contrast

This is a picture I took on a recent trip to California.
While the flower itself is so pretty…it was the contrast of light and dark and the simple color pallet that drew me to this particular photo.
I think the feeling of this could translate into beautiful jewelry.
The rose…creamy and ivory set against the deep black reminds me of a more romantic time. It makes me think of some kind of light focal piece framed by onyx, jet black or midnight bluestone.
In a necklace that could mean a beautiful light pendant dangling from a strand of dark beads. For a bracelet it could be multiple strands of dark stones secured with a light clasp. For earrings it could be a dark bead with a waterfall of light strands flowing from beneath.
Mostly it is about the contrast of dark to light and a simple color pallet…
classic…in shades of two colors.
Color combinations don’t have to be complicated…play with the intensity of just a few colors and see what magic can happen.

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