Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Crafty Abode Series – Our Pet Tiger

We had just moved and were scheduled to host our big, annual 4th of July party for the first time in our new home.

Somehow, in my sick, “creative obsessed” mind, the night before the party seemed like the ideal time to start a new painting project.

By now my husband was used to these creative bursts and knew it was best to just go with it and get involved.

So with a ladder, my brushes and some paint I created this beautiful, majestic animal while Steve read aloud to me. We were up very late and I am trying to remember…but I don’t think I finished him that night…I think his eyes might have still been in pencil for the party.

Anyway, he is still with us and I love seeing him up there while we are in the kitchen. It’s almost like he is part of our family.

When we did our addition I was concerned that he would be damaged by the construction but they did a great job being careful and working around him.

He doesn’t have a name…and I kind of like that. He seems mysterious and untouchable…like he could take off at any second.

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