Friday, July 17, 2009

Photo Jewelry Series – Part One of Three

Inspired by the incredible nature photos taken by a friend of mine a few years ago I created a line of jewelry using photographs.
The collection started with her photos and soon evolved into an outlet for my own.
At a local jewelry supply company I found pendants with a shallow well perfect for laying a photo in. They were in a base metal so I had them all silver plated. I reduced a series of pictures on my computer and cut them to the right size and shape.
I stuck with straight lines for this first go around…I wasn’t ready to fight with circles and ovals.
With a tiny bit of gel medium I adhered the photo to the metal charm and then flooded the top with the medium. (details of the products I used with be available in the third post of this series)
Once the medium dried there was a shiny, thick coating. All that was left to do was to create a decorative bail out of wire and design something for them to hang from.
I opted to hand braid exotic yarns in a variety of colors that were secured with vintage buttons.
After signing the back, they were complete.
A small framed, custom work of art!

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PussDaddy said...

Those are very pretty.