Sunday, July 12, 2009

Unexpected Art - Buttons... who knew?

Today at my son's piano lesson we needed to switch rooms unexpectedly.
His lessons are run by The Rhode Island Philharmonic Music School but they are held at a local church.

We peeked in a room we had never been in to see if was free and discovered this unusual piece of art.

At first I was attracted by the quirky mannequin and the texture of the garment but then upon closer inspection I realized the sexy, floor length frock was constructed entirely out of various sized buttons and thread!

Not even fancy buttons. Ordinary, plastic buttons in neutral colors.
The "fabric" glided over the curves and fit like a glove. It was wonderfully constructed.

A little bit of sparkle came from the shiny gold thread holding them all together.The straight gold lines almost looked like golden staples.

I don't even know who to credit for this eclectic masterpiece but I felt compelled to share it!


Lisa Holtzman said...

Incredible dress! How did someone think of this and execute it so beautifully?

Creative Potential said...

Isn't it amazing? And it is just stuck in some random classroom in a small church. I really thought it was fabric when I first saw it.

My sick/creative mind is thinking it might be somethig to try...maybe a window vallance??