Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Crafty Abode Series – Painted Privacy

When we moved in our home it bothered me that there were open windows on top and both sides the front door.
At night you could see right into our kitchen and dining room clear as day.
Not good for someone who lives in her PJ’s when home.
I struggled with wanting more privacy but not wanting to loose the beautiful natural light streaming in. I tried sheer fabric panels but it was distracting and to fussy looking for me.
Then it hit me…I am an artist…paint!
Using a specialty paint called Gallery Glass I was able to simulate stained glass which gave us the privacy AND light. Being slightly impatient when it comes to starting the fun part of a creative project…I chose to do a loose pattern that I could free hand with little prep work or planning.
Above is a section of the final product.Fluid leaves with a frank Lloyd Wright type box border. I kept the colors muted and natural and tried to highlight some texture. That added to the privacy without loosing the transparency.
When the sun comes through, colors fall on the white molding and bring a bit of cheer…especially on a New England winters day.

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PussDaddy said...

You did a really good job. It is really pretty.