Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Creative Jewelry Packaging Series - Clear Top Boxes – Part one

When looking for boxes to package my hand crafted jewelry I chose clear top boxes.
While a little more expensive than other choices I thought they would serve two purposes…Storage and display.
For me they have worked great.
I was lucky to find them at a local company that buys surplus items so I got a really good deal. I have also ordered some from popular jewelry supply and packaging catalogs.
The size I found to be the most useful is about 5 x 7 and about .5” deep. The clear top nestles into the box instead of on the outside for a clean look. I found that the cotton commonly found in jewelry boxes got caught on my findings and ended up looking messy so I chose not to order the cotton filling.
Instead I bought a large piece of felt and cut it to fit inside the bottom of the box. I also sometimes use colorful card stock to mount smaller items to so that there is more body and so it’s more rigid.
Look for more ides on how to get the most out of your clear top boxes in my future blog posts!

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