Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Crafty Abode Series – Beautiful Memories

This small detail is a section of a beautiful gift my parents gave us a few years ago.
It is my families dining room table that I grew up with.
Walnut, hand carved, big…10 feet by 4 feet…all one piece, with no leaves.
While the table is an amazing work of art on it’s own…I think the most special part is all of the memories attached to it. 40 years of family, parties, friends, children, holidays, food…and now it is ours to carry on the traditions.
We use it…and it shows the use which gives it a warm, comfortable glow.
Maybe someday, when the kids are all grown, we will refinish it to it’s early glory…and maybe not. Like my fine silver, I prefer it to show the use and memory marks!

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