Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Crafty Abode Series – Our “Water” View

The end of our hallway was boring…white and boring.

I hung a mirror…that was ok but not great. I tried a picture and still not great. Because there is a door located close by, there wasn’t room for piece of furniture… so my options seemed limited.

This seemed like a job for my paints and brushes…What I ended up with is a water view and some faux, trompe l’oeil curtains with tile steps that lead out.

Over all, I ahave been fairly happy with it. I's been there for a while and lately I have been contemplating changing the view. I like the curtains but feel I might need a new perspective.

Who knows…soon there might be a new picture to include in these posts!

1 comment:

Lisa Holtzman said...

Your trompe l’oeil is fantastic Pam! I have always loved your paintings.