Thursday, July 2, 2009

Creative Jewelry Packaging Series - Clear Top Boxes - Part Two

Ok, so you have the right boxes…now what do you do with them?
As I said in Part One of this series…I didn’t care for the cotton usually supplied with jewelry boxes. It would get caught on my jewelry and the little hairs would look messy.
I chose to buy a large piece of felt from a craft store and cut small rectangles to fit my boxes. This was very affordable and I could customize my colors to match the pieces of jewelry or my display.
A tip…to save your sanity when cutting felt, make sure you use sharp, fabric scissors…even if that means you need to pick up a new pair along with your fabric purchase! There is nothing worse than trying to cut felt with dull scissors or scissors that are regularly used for cutting paper.
The other great thing about clear top boxes is that you can see what you have.This is handy for display and for storage. It saves time when you are hunting for something not to have to remove all of the lids to find the item. It also saves time when setting up to do a home show or fair.
While it’s usually best for customers to not have a barrier between them and your jewelry, in a time crunch the tops can be left on and they can still see what you have.
The tops can help with moisture and dust too…for some added protection.

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