Friday, July 10, 2009

Creative Uses for Surplus Beads and Findings Series - Vintage Key Rings

Large split rings like the ones used for key rings are readily available at jewelry supply stores and websites.
They come in all different shapes, sizes and finishes and are very inexpensive.
Stack some pretty, loose, surplus beads on wire and attach to the ring directly or with some chain…and there you have a pretty, one-of-a-kind key ring.
I like to have multiple strands and think small spacer beads add to the look. I also recommend wire wrapping the loop for durability.
I punch a hole on a business card and attach the ring …then slip it into a baggie for protection. Sometimes I have a small basket of these by my check out station at shows…just as a little something a customer can pick up.
They also make a nice thank you gift for a loyal customer

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