Thursday, July 9, 2009

Creative Uses for Surplus Beads and Findings Series - Zipper Pulls

I always have a stash of loose beads and findings…treasures left over from a project or rescued from an old piece of jewelry. Usually too pretty to discard but maybe not enough to support their own project.

I have found several uses for these ones and twos and in the next series of posts I will share some of my ideas.


It is always a good idea when doing craft shows , fairs or festivals to have a selection of lower priced items on hand. Something someone could pick up as a small gift for a friend or as a treat for them selves.
I think that this is the perfect use for your surplus beads and findings. It allows you to utilize your supplies to the maximum and benefits your customers by letting them purchase something pretty for a lower amount…when they might have not been able to before.
Zipper pulls are useful, decorative and fun and they are thoughtful gift for any age. By simple stacking a few beads and spacers on a strong headpin or piece of wire, you can create a small piece of art. I recommend wire wrapping the top instead of creating a simple loop as it is stronger and more durable.
The beaded piece can be attached to a variety of findings…but basically anything that can be attached to a loop…slide hook, split key ring, fishing lure holder. There are a bunch of findings that can be found at jewelry supply sites…very inexpensively.
I take one of my business cards and punch a hole in the top corner. I attach the zipper pull to it and slip it into a protective baggie. I also include a small sheet explaining what it and what it’s used for.
At a show, sometimes I throw them all in a basket by the check out…and sometimes I lay some out on the table. Either way people always enjoy hunting for the perfect one!
I think they also make a nice little thank you gift for a special customer.

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