Monday, July 6, 2009

Creative Jewelry Packaging Series - Hand Made Felt Pouches

Felt is a wonderful thing!
It is so soft, comes in a ton of colors…and the best part is it doesn’t have to be hemmed.
When I made some special silver necklace charms I knew I wanted some kind of pouch to package them in. I decided to create one myself that would fit my needs in a more custom way.
I knew it needed to be something that would be very easy to create and something I could make over and over.
First I made a pattern out of paper to find the right size. I ended up with a long rectangle.Then all I needed to do was fold up the bottom and sew along three sides…just a quick straight line.
The excess on top folded over and was secured with a small piece of organza ribbon. They were so simple to make I ended up with a whole bucket full in one sitting.
I preferred to do more of an assembly line…cut all felt, sew all pieces, cut all ribbon, etc.
The color or pattern can be chosen to complement your pieces…for a more natural, earthy look…tie with raffia, for a more modern, contemporary look tie with metallic thread…or for a more romantic look tie with a thin strip of lace…
Presto! A small pouch …inexpensive, custom…perfect.

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