Sunday, February 28, 2010

Keeping a Family Organized

With Steve home, we have had to be really careful about filling each other in on appointments and plans that we make. While he was in Afghanistan it was just me...I didn't have to check with anyone...but now it is important to have good communication to avoid over scheduling.

We decided to keep things simple.

On the back of our pantry door in our kitchen, we hung a large, blank calendar. I know for me, out of sight...out of mind, so it had to be placed somewhere I will see it daily.

I made sure to attach a pencil and eraser to pretty ribbon so that we always have something to write with.

It is hung on a thin board that we screwed metal clips to. Then we screwed the strip to the door.

We shall see how it all works! I might still forget to look at it!

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