Tuesday, February 9, 2010

For the Love of Lace - Part 2 - Finding the Lace

So, my first thought was that I wanted to find some cool, beaded/sequined, lace appliques to embellish my party dress.

Some that weren't too expensive and that I could combine to create an interesting focal piece.

I searched online and all of our local fabric stores...to no avail. I did find some online but the selection was slim and they were very expensive. The local stores only had small appliques and not a big choice as far as color or design.

I took a short trip to a fabric and trim factory in hopes of finding something. They had beaded lace trim but again they were SO expensive!

Then I found an embroidered lace, wide trim that had a pretty pattern. It was a specific type of lace called Alencon, I believe. It is sort of embroidered which gives it texture and has large clusters connected with a fine netting.

While I studied the pattern, I realized that I could cut out some of the larger shapes and create my own appliques.

The price was good so I bought about a yard not really sure if it would work.

The picture above isn't the exact piece I purchased but is the same idea. I had already cut mine up before I decided to blog about this!

So I cut out the larger shapes in all different configurations...some small individual flowers, some with the stems, some clusters...so that I would have plenty to choose from when combining them on my dress.

If needed I could add a bit of Fray Check to the cut ends to prevent unraveling.

Now what about the color?

...to be continued

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