Monday, February 22, 2010

I am a Visual Person

When I saw this black and white drawer liner paper I knew I had to buy it!

Oh sure, I looked at all of the others...looked at the prices...compared the lengths...went back and forth in my head as to what I "should" buy and what I "wanted" to buy.

From the picture, you can see the direction I went.

Even though small slivers of it show...they make me happy and excite me.
Definitely worth the extra few dollars.

I think it's important to treat yourself to things that make you smile...even if this time it was only graphic drawer liner.

1 comment:

lori vliegen said...

oh my goodness.....that drawer paper is fabulous!!! you did SO good in treating yourself to it!! (and how i wish my kitchen drawers looked this organized!!) :))