Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kitchen Equipment Fear!

Ok, so I purchased this amazing raw dessert recipe e-book...filled with beautiful ideas.

Of course I had to run right out and buy the special removable bottom, tart pan with the fluted edge. Now I have the tools, the ingredients and I am scared to try the recipe!

Crazy, I know...but it definitely stems from not wanting to fail...and old tape in my head.

If I am not sure I can do it well...why try at all?
So my new pan is sitting there...and the recipe book is sitting there...and my family has no raw, healthy dessert!

I thought maybe writing about it would help...and it did. It made me laugh.

Look for a post sometime in the near future...good or bad...of a fluted, raw, living dessert!


lori vliegen said...

i'm betting that your sweet fluted masterpiece will be delicious!! :)))

Creative Potential said...

you are so sweet Lori!

I will post here when I finally get to it...