Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Personal Place Mats

So my husband has spent the last year in Afghanistan...which now seems like a big blur.

One thing he did bring home were some laminated maps for us to use as daily place mats.
I like looking at them...and began thinking about other applications for this.

Maybe picking up maps while on vacations and having them laminated when you get home. It could be a nice daily reminder of a special trip.

Also, for parties you could laminate copies of photographs...birth certificates...newspaper clippings...post cards...comic books...and on and on.

The images could support a theme.

It would also be fun to make special annual Birthday or holiday place mats for children...creating a collection they could pass down to their kids.

You could write a special message to you child that they would see each time they used their mat. You could make seasonal place mats as a wintertime, indoor, craft activity.

Most office supply stores can laminate in multiple sizes...just make sure your designs aren't layered too thick as the laminate can pull apart.

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