Thursday, February 11, 2010

For the Love of Lace - Part 4 - Sparkle!!

So I have the dress...I have the's tea dyed to the perfect for the sparkle.
I LOVE sequined, beaded, bridal lace. It just makes me happy. But it can be really expensive.

I went to some local stores to find clear bridal looking sequins to embellish my appliques ...but I couldn't find any that weren't in colors.

I found some online that were bridal crystal clear...and ordered them.

All I had to do was sew the sequins following the lace shapes...accenting the flowers and stems. It was very simple and was a fun project to do while watching TV.

Above are some of the sequined appliques...waiting to be added to my dress.
I will post pictures of the finished dress as soon as it is done!

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jgr said...

Hi, thank you for being a follower! I am happy to discover and follow your blog, too. I scrolled down and wow! I love your decorative matte alternative-it's just what i need right now: I have some prints that are too small for the matte, etc. ALso the juice drink looks yummy! I'll be back.
p.s. Welcome home, Steve!