Sunday, March 15, 2009

Visual Thinking...A Useful Studio Tool

I keep a small spiral bound notebook on my jewelry table...

but the funny thing is, I often forget it's there.
Then I go to look for a scrap of paper to make a note or sketch something and I have to hunt.

For me...out of sight is out of mind...with "things". I am not sure why but if it isn't right in front of me I can completely forget about it.

I know a notebook is a great tool...and when I do remember it's there I LOVE using it...but if I keep it tucked in with just the spiral binding showing...I will forget!

Not really sure what the solution I can't leave everything flat on the table in front of me.

I guess maybe it's a tool that I will have to get use to using...if I remember!


Jelveh Designs said...

This is so me...I never know where the thing is, so now if I sketch something, idea or a design for a bead and really want it out, I tear out and pin in to the wall in front of my bench...this seems to work for remembering what I meant to do, but not for where the note book is for the next time...

Kathy said...


I've always got scrap paper with me. I've got it everywhere....purse, vehicle, diaper bag. It has come in quite handy when a design idea pops into my head. I find I only have a few seconds before I "flush" it and I'm on to the next thing.