Friday, March 6, 2009

A Useful Jewelry Tool - Knitting Needles?

When I was in need of a long narrow tube shaped thing for a wire work project I was doing, I raided my knitting box!

I LOVE knitting and I have a bunch of knitting needles in a variety of diameters and materials.

I find them useful for so many jewelry projects.

The obvious one is for wire wrapping...the larger diameter is great for hand made sterling silver ear wires and the thinner ones are good for making coils or jump rings.

I have also used them to braid fibers or leather laces by tying one end on to the needle and holding it in between my knees so that it would keep the strands taught while I braided. The needles with the thick cap on the end keep the strands from sliding off while you are working on them.

I think they are pretty to look at too..I keep mine on my jewelry table sanding up in a pretty cut glass vase. Like a bouquet of metal rods!

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