Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Silver "Orphan Charm" Bracelet

Not everything comes out the way it is supposed to...

This bracelet is a result of my early education with PMC (Precious Metal Clay).

When I added this medium to my business offerings years ago there was a lot of trial and error but because of the precious nature of the materials I couldn't just part with the cast offs.

After collecting charms for several years, I decided to create a special treat for myself...a sort of tribute to a new learning experience.

I call it my "Orphan Charm" bracelet. It is made up of fingerprint charms and other pieces that might not have been up to my standards, some samples, designs that didn't make the cut, etc...

Separately they have no real value...but together I think they combine to create an intimate and interesting piece of jewelry.

I do have some more charms that I am thinking of making into another bracelet to offer in my etsy shop...keep your eye out for this one of a kind, personal work of art!

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