Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jewelry Photo Props - Natural Materials

Natural materials can make wonderful backgrounds for your jewelry photos and the great part is they are usually readily available and free or very inexpensive.
Look in your yard and see what you can find...
stones to lay small items on or to act as riser when stacked,
twigs to suspend earrings from,
dried leaves to lay a necklace on.
Use your imagination and take inspiration from other jewelry artists.
You can also check your local art and craft shop or import store for more exotic options that might not be found where you live.
The picture above is of a bouquet of dried decorator items I purchased at a national art store. It was inexpensive and with the variety of shapes it was a great value.
All I did is cut off the long stems and voila...jewelry props!
If you have children, going for a nature walk is a great way to spend time together and to collect props for your photographs...hey, you never know you might actually find some creative inspiration for new jewelry pieces along the way!

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