Thursday, March 19, 2009

Useful Studio Tools - No More Loose Threads!

Fibers, cords, exotic yarns and pretty ribbons make excellent jewelry embellishments!
...ok, but what do you do about finishing the ends?
Of course they sell lots of findings for that purpose but there might be times when you don't want to introduce another element into your design...or add to your materials cost.
That is where "Fray Check" comes in.
It can be purchased at most fabric shops and even at art stores in the sewing notions department. It only costs a few dollars which is helpful in keeping the cost of your creations down.
I love this stuff!
It has a thin nozzle and you just run a bead of the liquid along the cut edge you want to finish. I usually place something underneath to protect my table can use a scrap of tin foil, plastic wrap, etc...but be careful using paper as it can stick. The liquid seeps trough the fibers, dries clear and seals the ends.
Let it dry and then if necessary you can clean up any loose treads with a simple snip!

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