Friday, March 27, 2009

Ethnic "Tornado" Earrings

I have had these small sterling silver and amethyst charms for a long time.

I purchased them online with other items and just wasn't inspired when I actually got them. The were pretty but much smaller than I thought they would be and consequently have been sitting in one of my drawers since.

Then, while I was playing around with some wire I made these little "egg-nests" in gold and silver...a ha! I had an idea...I covered the traditional and uninspiring loop on top of the little charms with the tornado of multi-colored wire and bingo...delicate, interesting...current hand made earrings!

I finished the look with hand made sterling silver ear wires.

I really enjoy mixing things up...industrial with delicate...vintage with sleek...ethnic with machine-made, etc...

As I have said before, I am inspired by real life...and in real life stuff is mixed! That is definitely part of my artistic style.

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