Thursday, February 5, 2009

Necessity - The Mother of Jewelry Design!

Ok, so math isn't my thing.

With my new need to be able to figure out time in another part of the country I went on a search to find a watch with two faces.

"No problem" I thought...just run to the store and choose from a selection of styles.

Well, I guess that fad that was around several years ago no longer exists because after visiting many stores I came home with not even one option!

I poked around online but really felt like I needed to be able to try them on.

Then it hit me...I am a jewelry designer...duh.

So I purchased two retail watches that had faces I liked and that would fit my small wrist...yea, I know I could have bought the watch faces wholesale from a jewelry supplier...but I am slightly impatient and in need of instant gratification. Plus these were on sale.

They both had stretchy bracelet style bands, which I promptly removed. I attached them together with several jump rings and added a black leather band.

Voila! A custom, two faced none other.

I am the white and my husband is the black.

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