Friday, February 27, 2009

All the Colors in the Rainbow

I can't get enough color!

And just when I think I have a favorite...another makes my heart stop.

So you wouldn't think that someone with such a passion for color would have a difficult time thinking of inspiring color combinations for creative projects...right?


Pictured above is a readily available tool I sometimes use to help spark an idea, open my mind or simply choose a hue.

It is called a Color Deck or sometimes a Fan Deck and you can purchase them from your local paint and decorating shop. They are generally used to select paint colors.

They are an inexpensive and portable compact color library.

I am moved by the "feeling" that colors give me and if I am in need of a push...I can flip through the deck and something is bound to hit me!


Kathy said...

Couldn't agree more with using color palettes, wheels, etc. They certainly are a big help when the creative part of the brain gets stuck.

ChezChani said...

That colour deck is cool! I bought a colour wheel thinking that would help me but it hasn't. I'm terrible at coming up with colours. No imagination. Argh