Thursday, February 19, 2009

Earring Week - Day 5 -Butterflies are (almost) Free

Welcome to day 5 in my "Week of Earrings" series...

These make me think of spring!

The most simple and cost conscious earrings you can make. I found little charms (which are two sided) at my national arts and crafts store. I just liked them and the fact that they had special words on the Hope, Love, Bloom, etc...they look like small paintings.

The yellow glass beads sitting on top are also readily available at most art or craft stores...and come in a myriad of colors.

As with my post on the first day of "Earring Week" these earrings have a shape that is echoed with the oval and round. I think there is something pleasing to the eye about that repeat of the curve.

If you are afraid of color a good trick is to pick one component with a pattern and then choose one color from that pattern for your accent beads.

With the earrings above, by choosing a less dominant color (the yellow) and not the obvious color (the purple) I think it makes the earrings look more interesting and artsy. I think it also brings out the detail in the pattern.

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