Sunday, February 15, 2009

Earring Week - Kick Off!

Simple earring designs to inspire you...

I had recently knocked out a huge amount of simple earrings for a store I sell to here in Rhode Island.

They weren't the type of earrings that take a lot of time or that have expensive materials.
They were simply, fun, artistic, handmade earrings at affordable prices. They filled a need my client had for a certain price point and customer.

This week I thought I would post something new and do a kind of series highlighting a few pair of earrings from this batch.

I want to show you that you don't need special materials to create special pieces. Most of the materials (or similar versions) I used for these earrings are readily available at craft stores.

Enjoy a week of earrings!

The earrings above are very simple. By paying attention to scale and repeating the square/rectangle shape there is a balance to the design. They reminded me of little perfume bottles. Metal beads like the one I used on the top are available everywhere now and the blue stone can be replace with your favorite color!

Hung from sterling silver ear wires they look custom and elegant.

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