Friday, February 13, 2009

Is a Background Just a Background?

Learning through trial and error...

For me, photography is still a big learning experience.

I don't really know about lighting and exposure, all I have to say is thank God for digital cameras!

Before being able to view and delete pictures instantly my film developing bills were huge.
Plus it was such a waste of time and energy trying to get the right shots...for me it was sort of hit or miss.

Anyway, now it is becoming fun...and I like playing around with backgrounds.

Above is a good example of how different a mood of a piece of jewelry can be just by changing the background and nothing else.

I think the first one (on the stone slab) makes the necklace look earthy, a little ethnic and brings out the natural element of the focal stone.

The second (on the white) makes the necklace appear more graphic and geometric. I think it highlights the center focal piece.

And the third (on the red) makes the necklace look bold and the white mother of pearl, square beads really pop.

One necklace...three moods...just because of the background.

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