Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Signature Star Bracelets

I have been involved with The Make a Wish Foundation of Rhode Island for many years. I have done numerous trunk shows to benefit the charity and designed a piece of jewelry inspired by their symbol.

I created the Signature Star Bracelets that they sell at functions and events with a percentage going back to the organization.

Their symbol is a star so that is the unifying component to these bracelets. Each bracelet is different, just like the children they support…but they all have a star in some form.

Some are simple like the one pictured above and some are more ornate.

All are made with love and good wishes!

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PussDaddy said...

Oh, that is nice of you. They are really cute. By the way, Yahoo cut of my pussdaddyblogs email today unless I would give them my cell phone number and I refused, so I can't access that account anymore. I did add an email link to my profile though and can be emailed if you click that. Did you see I made a blog post about your husband's blog and he picked up a lot more followers? People should care more about what he has to say than what someone like me has to say, IMHO. Have a nice day,