Monday, August 3, 2009

It’s Ok to Cut up Your Clothes

I bought this dress a while ago. I wore it a couple of times but didn’t really feel great in it.

Then one day when I was cleaning out my closet I took it out and threw it in a box we keep items we want to donate in. It was between seasons and it took a wile for the box to get filled…mostly with clothes my son outgrows.

Not long ago I went into the donation box to bag up the stuff to drop off…and there was this dress. Summer was coming and I thought maybe I had been too hasty getting rid of it. After trying it on, I had an observation and an idea…

It wasn’t really the dress I didn’t like…it was the thick (rather unattractive) black straps.

I thought, what do I have to loose…I was getting rid of it anyway. So I snipped off the straps.
I went to a fabric store, bought some trim and sewed new straps….voila!

It was like having a brand new dress. The trim was light and interesting and all it took was a needle and thread.

Look at your wardrobe and see what you might have that could be given new life with a tiny bit of trim or an embellishment.

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