Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Kitchen “Storyboard”

Throughout my career I have consistently seen clients not trusting their creative instincts.

I don’t know if somewhere in their past someone told them they were wrong or if they were criticized for expressing themselves…but it seems to be universal.

I did this grid of all images from my personal kitchen.
Hard surfaces, soft surfaces, painted surfaces, wood, metal, ceramic, etc…

What I wanted to show is that none of this really matches but over the years I have purchased items or painted based on what I truly “like”. I buy things that make me happy. I paint with colors that make me feel good. I surround myself with surfaces and finishes that I find interesting.

Along the way I haven’t really put much emphasis on “matching” but because I am true to myself…it all works for me. It may not be featured in Architectural Digest anytime soon…but it is “me” and my family and that’s enough.

All to often I have seen clients try to fit into some kind of mold that society or their peers have created. I think it’s sad to loose your creative voice especially in your home.

Buy what you love and it will work.

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PussDaddy said...

Houses filled with stuff that is there just because people like it are some of the most interesting houses to visit.