Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thinking Outside the Box...or House

Gingerbread houses are fun to decorate but I intensely dislike the assembly of the pre-baked houses...slippery frosting, trying to find the right sized cans to hold up the walls while the frosting dries, waiting overnight for it to all set before you can do the fun part, etc...
I found myself putting off doing ours this year until I was lying in bed one night and a brilliant idea hit me.

My thought was "glue gun"!

We are not going to eat this house because we have allergies and this has ingredients we can't eat. (We actually purchased separate allergen free gingerbread that we could eat)

Suddenly all of the pressure was off and I couldn't wait to get up and start. Visions of decoration ideas filled my head almost making it impossible for me to fall asleep.

We got up the next morning, I heated up the glue gun and voila! In about 10 minutes we had a sturdy frame to decorate. I was even able to build a fence made out of broken bread sticks and to stack up small stones we found outside around the base of the house for added interest.

The frosting was used to add the candy decorations and to simulate snow.

Below is the finished product.

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