Sunday, January 10, 2010

Keeping it Simple - Community Brunch

As a festive, non-denominational, social gathering, my son's school hosted a Quest Community Breakfast the day before vacation started.

Being a Montessori school, it was a given that the kids would be involved with all aspects of planning, preparing, serving and entertaining their families.

I thought the decorations were clever and really simple...ideas that could be translated into other occasions...say for a child's Birthday party, a charity event or other family, holiday celebration.

The walls were decorated with white paper chain garlands...super fun for all ages to make and can be color coordinated for any event.

The tables were covered in black butcher paper and the children drew winter scenes with white pencils on top. Inexpensive and a nice way to involve all ages. You could use rubber stamps, stickers, stencils, have guests decorate...the list is endless.

The centerpieces were twigs...some of which were natural, some painted white to keep with our winter theme. Then they were tied into bundles with rope. We then sent the kids on a hunt for some nature "life"...greenery, berries, tuck in the twig bundles to add another layer of interest. A few pine cones and they were complete.

The kids had fun arranging their finds and took pride in their creations.

They also helped with the food prep...cutting fruit and baking muffins.

The morning was a big success and served as a wonderful send off for our holiday break.

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