Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Protecting Your Special Chrismas Ornaments

This is a really simple system I developed for our family, many years ago. It makes packing and unpacking our treasured ornaments a piece of cake. It also stores a ton of ornaments!
All you need is a large storage bin and a bunch of tissue paper...white, acid free is the best for the long haul.

I lay my tissue paper stack out on the floor or table and it helps to have one or more assistants to hand you the ornaments off the tree.

Then I start in the corner of the top sheet and wrap one ornament, just until it's covered...then I lay another next to it and roll the first over that one to cover it...then lay another...and so on. Each sheet of paper will have 3-4 ornaments made into a type of bundle...depending on how large they are. Then I lay the bundle carefully in the bin. I continue on to the next bundle...and the next...laying them carefully next to each other, kind of like a puzzle.
It is a good idea to put the heavier bundles on the bottom and the more delicate, lighter ones on the top.

I found the bundles sort of lay gently against each other and stay safe
Then when it's time to open them the next year I simply take out a bundle and lay it flat so I can carefully unroll it...the ornaments are intact, untangled and ready to be hung.I flatten out the used tissue and place it back in the bin to use again after the holidays!
All of the ornaments from this tree...including the star and the skirt fit neatly and safely into the bin pictured below.

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