Friday, January 9, 2009

Trunk Show Jewelry Display - Paper Moon Stationery

I have done several trunk shows at this eclectic stationery and gift shop in Cranston, Rhode Island.

This was a display from a show I did last year.

My display is a mix of antique store finds and more traditional jewelry display items.

On my travels, I pick up things that I think will work to show off my jewelry or interesting pieces I can easily convert to display items.

I like to have a little height to my show display to make best use of valuable table space. I find lazy susans really helpful in maximizing my space and they help make jewelry easily accessible to customers.

Most of my display items are convertible and can be combined in a variety of ways depending on the available set up at a show or festival.

By purchasing items I like and that appeal to me, I find they always "work" together. As my jewelry style evolves, my versatile displays can grow with me and adapt to my current needs.