Thursday, January 22, 2009

Having a Blog - My "Why"

I have always struggled with the concept of narrowing my focus. There are just too many things that interest me creatively and way too many mediums I enjoy working with.

When I sat down today to write a blog entry I felt a little I asked myself "Why do you have a blog?".

I had a flicker of worry because I didn't have an immediate answer.
I worried that my blog is too "all over the place" and that I don't have a specific target audience.

After being still for a little while I realized that this blog is about, the artist.

"Me, the artist" IS "all over the place" so it actually makes sense that my blog would be too!

The entries are simply snippets of my artistic endeavours, useful tips that I have discovered or adapted over the years and anything else that speaks to me.

That's it...


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