Thursday, October 1, 2009

Scorpio Give-Away!

I have been wanting to give some of my jewelry away for quite awhile...

I just wasn't sure how or where.
I donate a silent auctions, charities, organizations...etc...

But I have been wanting to share my work in a more intimate way.
(Which is kind of funny when you think of the word intimate and Internet together!)

But this is what I have decided to try.
A "Blog Give-Away"

My first item celebrates the Zodiac sign Scorpio.
Are you Scorpio...or do you need a gift for someone who is?
It is an adjustable vintage chain necklace with a small round Scorpio charm that was rescued from an old bracelet. I have chosen small Aquamarines as an accent. It is packaged with an information card about Scorpios.

So...The Details
How to enter:
* Simply leave a comment here (on this post) about something nice you did for yourself this week. (I hope you do lots of nice things for yourself...but one comment per person please)
* Make sure that you leave an accurate email address
* Comment between October 1, 2009 and October 15, 2009

The winner will be chosen by after October 15, 2009
You must be 18 yrs. old.
The winner will be notified by email.
If the email address is not accurate, or if the winner fails to respond to my email within 3 days from the time I send it, a new winner will be chosen.

Good Luck!


Blue Green Arts said...

One nice thing I've done for myself this week is I've gone to yoga everyday this week! It is so nice to be able to take a couple hours a day for myself that way.

The necklace is beautiful!

Nava Silver said...

Last week was all tears and sorrow. I came home on Friday evening and found my family's oldest pet, black princess cat Tess, 18 years old, lying in a corner of my bedroom. Twenty minutes later she died in my arms, just as if she had been waiting for me to return.
The day after, my mother, my son and my dog buried Tess and held a little ceremony for her in my parents' garden. Silly, I know, but I picked a leaf from the geranium my mum put on her grave and in the evening, I started turning it into a pendant, using silver Art Clay.
A couple of days later, it was finished, including an inscription on the back with Tess' name and the date - my first success with Art Clay!
I have been wearing the pendant every day since then and have received both compliments and an order for another one. However, that is not what makes me feel good about this piece - it is the fact that it is a precious memory of a beloved family member and that I can carry her close to my heart.

By the way; what a wonderful idea to have an online lottery for this beautiful necklace!

Creative Potential said...

Thank you Blue Green...and that is a wonderful thing to do for yourself! I know when I take some time for myself I am much more inspired when I sit down to create!

Creative Potential said...

Nava...I am so sorry for your loss. I believe she was waiting to say goodbye proper.

I love your memorial jewelry piece. That has been a blessing in my business - to create lasting mementos for people that have lost loved ones.
I hope you find peace.

TMCPhoto said...

What a great giveaway your necklace is beautiful, and reminding people to do good things for themselves is important we often forget to be nice to ourselves.

I made sure to have a nice quite bath every night last week, it's a nice way to unwind from a busy day with a three year old.

Nava Silver: Your story brough tears to my eyes, It's very sad to loose a family member I agree that she was waiting to say a proper goodbye to you to you.

Nava Silver said...

Pam and TMCPhoto - thank you for your kind words, it really warms my heart. I like to think she is doing well in Cat heaven now...
I still have a lovely dog and another cat, but one animal can't really replace another - they are all individuals and dear to us in different ways!

Have a good week, and Pam, don't forget to do something nice for yourself this week, you too!


heidiross2 said...

I know someone who loves a Scorpio and would love to wear his symbol around her neck (this pretty reminder near an area that is causing much pain on her body would be very comforting to her), Hmm, as for doing something for myself--collecting kindling after the storm this week, making a fire, lighting incense and then just sitting, enjoying and taking a deep breath. Very relaxing.

This is a great idea and it's so helpful to find out how others manage life. Thanks for the opportunity, Pam.