Saturday, October 24, 2009

Computer Color

My computer skills are simple.

But I was really excited when I discovered how to manipulate the colors of photographs.

Now I am not talking about color correction or fixing red-eye...I mean in a more artistic way.

I use a program called Picasa...made by Google, I believe...and it lets me do all kind of creative things to photographs without having to be ultra computer savvy. (and it's free)

Take the picture above...I was able to manipulate the colors of some of my daughter's artwork to suit a color scheme based on some desert photographs I took. The square flower jewelry tiles in the bottom left were the images I changed...see how they combine in a palette of my choosing? They all started as the same was one piece but by adjusting the colors and fade I was able to mold it to suit my needs. Even the wash of color behind the flower was done with the computer!

It opens up a whole new world of options!

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