Monday, March 29, 2010

Raw Chocolate...Yummy!

I choose not to partake in conventional dessert...loaded with fat, dairy, refined sugars, bad oils, etc...but I do enjoy raw, live treats, made with real food.

A raw foods chef and teacher (Kristen Suzanne) turned me on to these beautiful raw chocolate bars and I wanted to pass along the gift.

I tried the caramel...which I LOVED
and the maca...which I really liked

I think you can get them at Whole Foods. I found mine at a local natural foods market while visiting my parents in Palm Desert, CA.

I visited their website and was really inspired by their mission and story. Check it out...


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lori vliegen said...

ooooh, you are speaking my language....bring on the chocolate!! i'll be on the lookout for this....thanks for the recommendation! :))