Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Quick Fix for Chairs

We inherited these two beautiful, antique captain's chairs from my parents. They get a ton of use and the seat fabric was starting to show the wear. My mom had originally had the fabric professionally laminated because they were being used in the kitchen but over time the lamination has begun to dry and crack. The fabric underneath was exposed and tearing.

I decided to do a quick fix and since I am not an upholsterer I wanted to leave the existing upholstery in tact.

I purchased some thick, camel colored, ultra sued type fabric that was on sale. I applied that first to protect the chairs and to camouflage the cracked laminate.

Then I applied a cotton zebra striped fabric over that base.
I didn't touch the backs or arms because they are in good condition...and I liked the mix of fabrics.

Below are the finished chairs.
Now granted this might not be a permanent fix but for now it worked perfect!

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