Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Furminator and an American Eskimo

I could knit a sweater out of what comes off of our Miniature American Eskimo when she is brushed!

I won't...but I could.

This breed does an amazing job of keeping themselves clean...a daily process like a cat...but then there is all that hair.

I liked the idea of the furminator...it is a comb/brush kind of thing that makes all kinds of grooming promises. I saw it at the checkout counter of my local pet food store but I thought it was expensive and I already had a regular brush.

Don't know why but one day I decided to buy it.

Oh my goodness! It was like the hair jumped off of her before the brush/comb combination even got to it. When you are in the process, it almost looks like a waterfall of hair just flowing away from her body!

She has a thick undercoat and it totally tackled that.

You do have to be careful not to push too hard or scrape the skin as it is a bit sharp. Mounds and mounds of loose hair came off. I was covered in white...and of course I was wearing black.

I love it and so does she!

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