Friday, April 3, 2009

Surprisingly Copper!

I often purchase materials online.

This can be fun…like an unexpected treat when you open the package
or a surprise that you are not sure what to do with.

The later was the case with these copper headpins.
Ordered from a site I frequent, I am not sure how I did’t know they were copper with a silver ball end and not all silver.

Anyway, they were pretty but I don’t really use much copper. Needless to say they sat in my drawer for a while. Then I purchased a small assortment of glass beads at a local show and …bingo!

Using plain sterling silver with these interesting beads didn’t do it for me…but I had this bag of copper and sterling silver that did the trick.I really liked how the warm tone of the copper picked up the rich natural flecks and swirls in the beads. I also, think that the more organic nature of the copper complemented the handmade feel.

Something I probably would’t have chosen to buy…but a surprise that worked out well.

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