Thursday, April 2, 2009

Big but Light

When making earrings it is really important to be aware of the materials you use.

What might look really cool might be too heavy to wear comfortably or might not be safe.

I found these charms and really liked the size and scale of them. The bonus is that they are very light for their size making them perfect for earrings.

I always test my materials for weight…to make sure they don’t pull my ear hole. An elongated or stretched out ear hole can be medically problematic.

So, when designing or purchasing earrings be sure to go for comfort and safety first…no matter how cute or “in style” the earrings might be!

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TeriB said...

How lovely! I can't tell if it's carved wood or shell, but I suspect shell???? These are great--the open carving makes them look so airy and feminine! Teri