Monday, November 24, 2008

Creative Jewelry Displays for Earrings Series - Double Wood Frame Idea

Creative Hand Made Open Frame Earring Displays

This is the fourth and last post in my series of four different ways to display your hand made earrings for shows and fairs.

This one is similar in thought to the last one (post number three) but is larger and more open...making it ideal to be viewed from multiple sides.

For this display I bought two large wood framed cork boards at a discount store. I popped out the center so that I was left with the frames. I painted them black and attached small hinges along one side.

I screwed small eye hooks at regular intervals along the sides and attached picture wire from hook to hook on each frame...making sure to keep the wires as tight as possible.

Really that's it like a book and load it up with your creations!

I have also used this idea with frames in varying heights and in a group of three...a big one in the center and two smaller ones on each side. Just be sure when you attach the hinges that the frames open like a "Z".

* Note:
This display can be too light for outdoor shows...even when there appears to be no wind...believe me, I learned the hard way that it only takes one gust to have flying earrings!

Hanging Earring Card Tip:

I use business cards to display and package most of my earrings.
Sometimes I fold them in half like a tent…that way the can stand up on a table or hang over one of my displays.

Another option is to apply sticky back plastic hangers/earring card adapters to the cards…that way they hang neatly on the wire rails. The earring card adapters can be found at jewelry packaging supply shops and by searching online.

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The Beading Gem said...

Great DIY idea for earring displays even if it can only be used for indoor shows!!