Sunday, November 23, 2008

Creative Jewelry Displays for Earrings Series - Double Wood Tray Idea

A portable, easy set up Hand Made Jewelry Show Display for Earrings...Wood Trays.

Ok, this is the third post in my series of four about finding creative ways to display earrings.

This one takes a little work...but only a very little!

I went to a national unfinished wood super store and purchased two small unfinished wood trays. The top rim of the trays were straight and not arched...that was important. At the same shop I purchased 3 small hinges which came with screws.

When I got home I placed the trays on top of each other inside to inside...and laid the hinges along one of the long sides. I marked where the holes were and drilled a tiny pilot hole. Then I screwed the hinges onto the trays one at a time.
This made it possible for the two trays to stand up and be sturdy when opened like a book.

Inside I attached thin wood strips from the craft store (model building section) with small pieces of wood behind them so that they were raised from the back. You could also use some wire strung side to side with small eye hooks.

...and Voila!

Your earrings hang on the rails and the whole display can be loaded before your show at home. Transport your items to the show with the trays closed together for protection and then opened like a book at your show. These trays had cut-out handles on the short sides which made carrying easy.

These could also be decoupaged or painted to match your jewelry style!

Hanging Earring Card Tip:

I use business cards to display and package most of my earrings.
Sometimes I fold them in half like a tent…that way the can stand up on a table or hang over one of my displays.

Another option is to apply sticky back plastic hangers/earring card adapters to the cards…that way they hang neatly on the wire rails. The earring card adapters can be found at jewelry packaging supply shops and by searching online.

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