Saturday, November 22, 2008

Creative Jewelry Displays for Earrings Series - Metal Basket Idea

Creative Earring Displays for Jewelry Shows

There are so many interesting options out there for unusual jewelry displays. This is the second in my series of four posts on using everyday items for your show displays.

This top picture is a tall chrome wire basket that I think had some kind of sleeve and is supposed to be used as a wine cooler.
For shows, I put it on a small lazy susan and hung my earring cards on it. It gives me the ability to highlight a few pair and makes them easily accessible to customers.
The best part is that it is light and doesn't take up a lot of room in transport.
Above is another wire basket that I found at a discount department store. It served the same purpose but held a ton of merchandise!
For storage and transport I used plastic wrap (that you use for food storage) and wrapped the displayed earrings right on the wire basket.
The handle made it easy to carry and the plastic wrap protected the earrings. I was able to store small items including baggies and a folded table cloth in the center for transport which made it multi functional.
Depending on my show set up it was great that I could put this on a lazy susan as well and customers could have access to all sides.

* Hanging Earring Card Tip:
I use business cards to display and package most of my earrings.
Sometimes I fold them in half like a tent...that way they can stand up on a table or can hang over one of my displays.
Another option is to apply sticky back plastic hangers/earring card adapters to the cards...that way they hang neatly on the wire rails. The earring card adapters can be found at Jewelry packaging supply shops and by searching online.


The Beading Gem said...

I love the chrome basket idea! Very clever.

Creative Potential said...

thank you!