Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nilak's Bed

We have an Mini American Eskimo...that we love...
but anyone that knows anything about this bread
knows that they must be with you at all times.
Literally. It's like it's her or death.
She has to have us in her view.
I bought her a special pillow for our bedroom,
but she was not happy that it was on the floor and she couldn't see us.
She continued to drag it to the door and then get on our bed.
When we didn't take the hint,
she peed on it...lovely.
I had a small antique bench that my mom gave me
so I had an idea.
I made a protective pillow...
lined with a water resistant lining and removable cover.
I added ribbons to the corners and attached the pillow to the bench.
A custom pet bed...
and she can see us.
She loves it!

1 comment:

Lisa Holtzman said...

You crack me up! Very creative solution for your devoted little dog.