Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover

These are items I use for show displays and sometimes to hold a piece I am working on on.

They are clean and functional mow...but they weren't always that way.
I found them at a secondhand store and they were covered with lace, ribbons and pearls...very Victorian...which might have been fine if that was the style of jewelry I made. But it's not.

I liked the shape and the price was right so I decided to get them and try and make them work. They have great sturdy wood bases.

I removed all of the fabric and trim and was left was a really cool, smooth form. Then I covered them myself with some stretchy fabric and hot glue.
Voila' display busts.

Don't let the first impression turn you off...try and think what you might be able to remove or even add to make the item work for you!

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